If Trump fully repeals Obamacare California has most to lose among insured

It could be California crying — the loudest — if President Donald Trump says “You Are fired!” to the Affordable Care Act.

No state has found more people get health insurance coverage as an effect of Obamacare before three years. Because of this, California stands to find the largest increases in the amount of individuals without health coverage if presidentelect Trump follows through on threats he’s made to fully repeal the ACA.

The Times story notes that as of now, 4.6 million California residents have health coverage that’s financed by Affordable Care Act systems. That includes folks who purchase private individual health insurance plans sold on the state-run Obamacare exchange, or who joined California’s Medicaid program, Medi Cal, after the ACA authorized federal funds to expand coverage to poor folks.

If the ACA is fully repealed California would lose $20 billion in funds in the federal government, the report said.

After he takes office in January whether Trump will truly seek complete repeal, remains to be seen. About Obamacare, Trump has made several statements in days gone by several days.

“And it will be excellent medical care for not as much cash,” Trump said.
The interview with the Journal of Trump came last Thursday after he met with President Barack Obama at the White House. Trump was quoted by paper as saying that Obama proposed keeping specific parts of the ACA, and “I told him I can look at his ideas, and out of regard, I am going to try this.”

Trump said he’s in favor of preserving the ACA’s bar against insurance companies refusing coverage to individuals with preexisting health conditions, as well as supports keeping the provision which allows adults to be insured by their parents’ health plans.

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